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Apr 25, 2018

The gents discuss one of the great mismatched-brother-comedy-sci-fi-action-adventure-fish-out-water flicks of the late 80s! How is Danny DeVito getting so many ladies? Did Schwarzenegger swim to California? We answer the tough questions on our Twins episode!

Apr 21, 2018

It's The Rant-Cast! Just Ron & Craig shooting the poop about whatever is on their minds that week. Hopefully it's movie related...but we make no promises. Even less structure and planning than usual! This week we chat about cartoons being made into movies!

Apr 12, 2018

Keanu Reeves. Patrick Swayze. Surfing. Bank robbers. If you need to read anymore you're listening to the wrong show! This week we try to figure out which sandwich is better: A meatball sub or a Keanu and Swayze with a side of Gary freaking Busey?!?! That's right folks, this week we are talking about the Academy Award...

Apr 6, 2018

What would you do if an unnamed Middle Eastern nation threw your dad in prison and the government wouldn't lift a finger to help him? Well if you're a kid in the 1980s, you grab Louis Gossett Jr, you crank some tunes, steal some fighter jets, and go rescue him yourself! Now you know...but you still have to ask yourself:...